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Course Outline and Class Schedule [PDF] or [HTML]

Psychology 6140 is designed to provide an integrated, in depth, but applied approach to multivariate data analysis and linear statistical models in behavioural science research. There is a strong emphasis on using graphical methods to understand your data. The statistical topics covered will include: See the more detailed Course Outline for further information, and the class schedule for lecture notes and tutorials. See the Hebb Lab website for information on access to the Hebb Psychology Computer Lab.

Course feature: MVStatsNews Occasional presentations by members of Psychology 6140 on topics of interest, typically from popular news and blogs.


Statistical software

You can use any statistical software for the course, but in lectures and lab sessions I will be using R software nearly exclusively, together with the R Studio user interface for R. You are well-advised to download and install these to your computer so you can follow along. This web site also contains many legacy examples using SAS.

Computing Guides

Methods Notes, and Bibliographies


The items below give readings and problems for course assignments.
Problems denoted "MAP" come from: Matrix Algebra Problems with Applications in Psychology and Multivariate Analysis [PDF version]

Graded Projects

SAS Examples

There is a large library of SAS examples, grouped into the following categories. Most now have the printed and graphical output on corresponding web pages. All of these, together with SAS data sets and macros for the course, are available in a single ZIP file,

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